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What happens now that I have submitted a Volunteer application?

If you have submitted a Volunteer application, you will be informed whether or not your application has progressed through to the next stage. Please note that due to high volumes of interest we may not be in contact with you for three or so months.

Please DO NOT TELEPHONE this will only delay our ability to process your application. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you are selected to be considered for a role you will be contacted to discuss your application. Leading up to the Games we will keep in regular contact with you. We will keep you informed and updated about Games planning and developments and give you plenty of notice as to when activities requiring your attendance are coming up. We would also ask that you keep us up to date with any changes to your contact details or availability by updating your details on this website (right) or by phoning the Volunteer Program on 1300 00 2006.

1 Application form Applications for the general Volunteer Program are no longer being accepted. Applications remain open only for some specialist roles.
2 Preliminary Telephone Assessment Subject to role availability and suitability Melbourne 2006 may then telephone you for a preliminary assessment, the first stage of the assessment process. During this call we will discuss your availability and preferences and reasons for wanting to be involved (approx 15 mins).
3 Assessment Session Candidates who successfully complete the preliminary telephone assessment will be invited to an assessment session. During this session we can start to get to know you and provide you with more detailed information (Approx 1-1.5 hrs in person).
4 Provisional Volunteer Those who successfully complete the assessment session are appointed as provisional Volunteers. From this point on you will receive regular communications outlining times and dates for training, uniform collection and accreditation. Attending these appointments and satisfying the security check will prepare and graduate you as an official Games Volunteer.

After these steps, Security Screening, Uniform and Accreditation and Training will be completed, the Games will be upon us and you will be ready for action!

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What is the security check?

All Games workforce and Volunteers will be required to undergo a security screening check. The security check will search for and identify criminal history information of a Volunteer applicant. However, a recorded conviction will not automatically determine the outcome of an application; each Volunteer application will be assessed on its merits.

At the assessment stage, you will be required to show photographic identification and provide a completed and signed consent form for us to conduct the security check. We will send you the consent form prior to your assessment.

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What hours, days, and weeks am I expected to volunteer?

Volunteer roles are varied; some will extend for up to several months before the Games while others may last only several days. The length of your involvement will depend on your assigned role. We will discuss your availability further during the assessment process.

During the rostering process you will have an opportunity to discuss any specific religious or cultural requirements impacting on your participation. The longer and more flexible your availability, the more roles you can be considered for.

A normal volunteer day will usually be 8 - 10 hours including breaks but some roles may occasionally require longer or shorter shifts. All Volunteers engaged during the Games are required to be available for a minimum of 100 hours and are expected to be available for the full period 14 March - 26 March 2006.

Where applicable, now is the time to discuss with your employer your holiday/time off options for 2006!

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What kind of role might I be given?

If your application is successful, we will try to assign you a Volunteer role and/or venue in accordance with the preference you indicated in your application. However, given that certain roles have been oversubscribed, this is likely to be difficult. We encourage you to be as open-minded about your options as possible.

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When will training begin?

To ensure Volunteers have the necessary skills and information to perform their assigned roles effectively, we will provide both general and specific training. The training period varies for each role but Volunteers are expected to attend multiple training sessions requiring a total average commitment of 16 hours.

Most training is likely to take place in December 2005 through to late February 2006. The multi-staged training process is as follows:

  • Workforce Orientation Training introduction and overview of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.
  • Role Specific Training - covers specific duties and procedures for your allocated role. The amount of time this training takes will be dependant on the role you are placed in.
  • Venue Training - covers the layout, functions performed, and policies and procedures (including health, safety and emergency specific procedures) at your allocated venue.
  • Event leadership - will focus on the skills required to lead and motivate a team in the context of a major event.

In addition to these training requirements, Volunteers in non performing roles for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be required to attend approximately 10 training sessions. These are expected to be held in early 2006. There may also be an additional requirement for Ceremonies Volunteers to attend training sessions during 2005.

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Will I be given everything I need to perform my role?

You will be provided with a Volunteer uniform and accreditation pass which you will be required to wear at all times while performing your role. During Games time we will also provide you with appropriate food and refreshments during your shift and any equipment you may require.

We aim to support you as much as possible to perform your role to the best of your abilities with confidence and determination.

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Will I get paid?

Volunteers are unpaid members of the Melbourne 2006 Workforce team. Therefore, as a Volunteer you do not receive wages, fees, honorariums, tips, gratuities or reimbursements for the work you undertake for the event.

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Where will I be assigned?

In your Volunteer application you indicated the precincts at which you were available to volunteer. We will aim to assign you to a venue within these precincts. We require that you reside within one hour travel time from your preferred precinct during the Games. During the assessment process you will be able to discuss your selected preferences.

Volunteers will be assigned a role in or around a particular venue. A competition venue is a specific location where Games events are held. Venues where non-sporting activities are conducted are called non competition venues.

Volunteers are vitally important to assist at both competition and non competition venues.

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What do I do if my contact or personal details change?

Please contact us immediately if your personal or contact details change.

If you applied for a Volunteer role online you can update your details online. Log in with the username and password you used to make your original application.

If you lodged an application by mail you will need to call 1300 00 2006 to speak to an operator who will update your details in our database.

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